Successful asset management.

Security and returns. Successful asset management brings both together. SerMont Asset Management SA has been showing how this is done for the past 20 years.

Our small team headed by Board member and proprietor Martin Wachter provides every client with very personal advice. Compiles an individual investment strategy. Finds the right combination of investment funds, equities and bonds, countries and sectors – independently, focused exclusively on the interests of the client.

Successful asset management requires considerable experience. It takes a long-term approach, yet analyses on a daily basis. It keeps a cool head when financial markets are going through a period of turbulence, and is proactive when key preconditions change.

Successful asset management requires extensive know-how. It is familiar with the huge range of financial instruments, and makes careful use of these.

In respect of all issues we work closely together with our affiliate company Sercor Treuhand Anstalt and other specialists. Clients of other Liechtenstein-based fiduciaries also profit from our know-how. We demonstrate our expertise on an ongoing basis with the investment fund Alteritas that we manage ourselves.