We create values. We have managed the assets of our clients for 20 years. We analyse markets and sectors, monitor developments using state-of-the-art equipment.

With our expertise we are able to manage tailored investment funds, which are structured together with partners. This means even complex solutions for investing client assets can be realised very efficiently. An investment fund offers the right legal framework, with self-selected governance and transparent reporting.

We also offer our in-house investment strategy since mid-2015 in a financial product: together with partners, we have established the Alteritas Strategie Fund. This means clients with smaller sums can also participate in our investment strategy.

The Alteritas Strategie Fund replicates our recommendation for a balanced, long-term investment in equities and bonds. Its goal is long-term capital growth with reasonable returns and high security. For this purpose it invests in accordance with the principle of risk diversification in a broadly-diversified portfolio of securities. Adherence to the strict conditions for security investment funds is closely monitored by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority.

Added value through intelligent solutions